120mm film fashion shoot Berlin

The Grove

Berlin is a multi-cultural medley which is how this New Zealander found herself in an  abandoned, overgrown lot deep in East Berlin with a stylist from Las Vegas, a Los Angelean makeup artist and a model from the North of Germany. We had a lot of fun and we called it ‘The Grove’ – with a sly nod and a wink to the hyper commercial L.A mall of the same name.


Model: Johanna Makowski at Mega Model Agency

Stylist: Faith DesVeaux

Makeup: Davis Jeffress


Analogue Berlin fashion editorialTheGrove-10Analogue Berlin fashion editorial120mm film fashion shoot BerlinTheGrove_analogue-5 Sarah BurtonTheGrove-8 Sarah BurtonTheGrove_analogue-17 Sarah BurtonTheGrove-21 Sarah BurtonTheGrove-23 Sarah BurtonTheGrove-19 Sarah BurtonTheGrove-12

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