A gang of three. Turtleneck and leather clad. Eyeliner flick. Black jeans, black coffee. Hip swivel and shimmy. Wild rides. Fast bikes. Best friends, Lovers.

48 hours from go to woah. We were given the genre Obsessive Relationship. I barely had a wink of sleep, our director had none. But our little gang of six made a film in one weekend.


Pin Hole

I know a lot of people who, like me, are getting disenchanted with the digital phenomenon. Sure it’s cheap, fast and easy, but so is McDonalds. Of course, some people have never swayed from analogue techniques, but I think there has been a revival of film photography in the last few years, especially with the younger generation and especially with older cameras that result in wonderful mistakes such as light leaks, vignetting and erratic hues. (The irony of this is the popularity of the iphone hipstamatic app.)

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