Sarah Burton Photography Berlin

Snapshots of Berlin

When we first arrived in Berlin the trains were on strike so we waited for about 45 minutes at the airport for a train that never came. Finally figuring out an alternative route we headed through farmland and thatched roof houses towards the city. Aluminium giants balancing on tip toes above the Spree greeted us like ceremonial city gates. An unseasonable hot day in May, an early taste of the summer to come. Every second person walking around had a large open bottle of beer in their hand. A man unzipped and pissed on an underground train line. With an underlying restless energy, Berlin doesn’t show off it’s disheveled charms easily. It makes you get under it’s skin and find them yourself.


Many words have been written about Berlin, the word itself has an aura about it. It’s one of those places like New York or Paris that is drenched in folklore. One of those cities that has been at the forefront of World history and cultural shifts. The palpable history is so enticing for someone from such a newly minted country. I certainly didn’t live there long enough to have my head wrapped around it all but I can tell you how it made me feel. Continue reading

Hotel Transylvania

Fat droplets from a morning shower slid down the windows of the cable car as we rose steeply through a pine tree gully. Encased in cloud, we could only catch glimpses of our surroundings. Above the mist the sun was searingly bright, revealing a plateau of fresh green grass and limestone. Valleys of unmelted snow in the distance. I waved to a group of school children ready to board the cable car we had just come out of. As they descended I didn’t realise they would be the last people we would see until nightfall.


This is a snippet from my story Hotel Transylvania about hiking atop the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. Check out the whole story on The Adventure Handbook