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120mm film fashion shoot Berlin

The Grove

Berlin is a multi-cultural medley which is how this New Zealander found herself in an  abandoned, overgrown lot deep in East Berlin with a stylist from Las Vegas, a Los Angelean makeup artist and a model from the North of Germany. We had a lot of fun and we called it ‘The Grove’ – with a sly nod and a wink to the hyper commercial L.A mall of the same name.


Model: Johanna Makowski at Mega Model Agency

Stylist: Faith DesVeaux

Makeup: Davis Jeffress


east london vintage


Most of my friends in London live in and around Hackney in the East and I fell in love with the vibrant multiculturalism, the council estates right next to cafes serving cold brew coffee. Beautiful parks filled with tiny portable bbqs, pubs serving antipodean craft beers with their mushy peas, and an astounding number of fried chicken shacks and delicious curry joints. For better or worse gentrification is seeping into this neighbourhood. But hopefully it’ll stop here. Liss is a costume and production designer for film and television in London, plus she is always creating wild outfits to wear at summer festivals across Europe, so her Hackney bedroom is overflowing with hats, wigs, scarves, sunglasses, fur, leather, paisley and sequins. While staying with her recently I coerced her into playing dress-ups with me on the streets of her neighbourhood. While she was initially hesitant, the shoot coincided with Lissy’s philosophy about clothing: Continue reading

Break it to me gently

I met Dani on my first day of work here in Melbourne, and straight away I was like, ‘what a bombshell’, with her fuschia lips and swishy high ponytail. Then I found out she was an actor and that made perfect sense. We had a lot of fun channeling corny B movies on the mean streets of Melbourne’s outer Eastern suburbs, and it was great to work with someone who understood the sort of drama I was going for.

Model: Danielle Blanch

Assistant: Cass Leever

Shot on Pentax Spotmatic with Kodak Gold film.



I haven’t been able to hang out with my friend Kacy much recently, but for a good reason. She’s been working like crazy on her label Ka-He which she has recently launched with four collections, Nebula, Ubra, Silver Series and PPPPastel. I’ve always loved Kacy’s style, a little bit androdgonous,  easy and effortless but in a particular, refined way – and I’m so freaking excited to see how she progresses. Plus she makes shoes too and that’s just really sweet.

Check everything out on her website or see it on the flesh at Monk House Design in Melbourne. I did this shoot for her PPPPastel collection:




This is an extended version of the shoot I shot for the April issue of Capital mag. I adore the styling by Jodi Pullar and hair by Bex Brent – Natarsha didn’t need a lick of makeup. This shoot was all about hazy autumn days, delicate lingerie and slouchy sweaters. Finding that patch of sunlight to loll about in indoors when baby, it’s cold outside.

Natarsha wears: Lonely Hearts, Twenty Seven Names, Bassike, Camilla & Marc, Stylestalker, Birkenstocks & Doc Martins.

p.s: this shoot is a mix of digital and analogue. I wish I could shoot just film all the time but it’s so darn expensive so usually I shoot a few frames film the rest digital (Except for in Aniseed Valley – just film baby!) I like mixing the mediums though, and the way they make the features of each other stand out.

Titahi Bay

Titahi Bay means ‘One cabbage tree.’ To get there from Wellington you drive through the state houses and shopping malls of Porirua then quite suddenly you’re in a gorgeous quiet little bay with sleepy streets and a thriving surf lifesaving club. Of all the years I lived in Wellington I’ve only been there a handful of times. I once interviewed sandy haired identical twins Will and Danny from the Titahi Bay club for Capital magazine. I was taken by their story, intertwined with sun and salt. Their Dad represented NZ at surf lifesaving. He met their Mum and fell in love with her at the club. The boys grew up a few doors down and are now patrol captains. For the self professed “water boys” the beach is their home. “Our club is known for our social side and hosting events. If people from up North are coming down they have events here, cos we have the bar and we’ve got the kitchen, and we’ve got a guy Ken who does the food, big barbies and that. Every Sunday night the bars open and everyone comes down and has a few drinks and a meal.”

But, my favourite thing about Titahi Bay is the boatsheds. Bright, cheerful, peeling. Uncomplicated and uncontrived. Just like gorgeous Ana, with her beautiful, bountiful hair and ghetto fab/female Fresh Prince vibe. Styled by the lovely Katie Collier and makeup by the lovely Kate Hamilton.



Aniseed Valley

The Aniseed Valley in Nelson reminds me of slogging it out thinning apples in the hot summer orchards in the school holidays. Dropping into the cool clear swimming holes that are around every bend was the reward for tired, sunburned limbs and apple addled brains.

This was the perfect place to shoot  teenage mates Juliette and Raina in the lingering days of late summer this year. These Nelson babes have been doing some great work in their fledgling model careers and I can’t wait to see what they do next.