End of the Line

At the beginning of this year I was living in Melbourne and set this task for myself: To travel (by train, no cheating) to every single end of the line in Melbourne’s metropolitan train network and take a photo on medium format film. There are prized destinations amongst them, and there are places where the houses just start running out.

Most of the people I know in Melbourne live, work and play in the very central suburbs. Riding for hours on trains showed me the scope of the city in real time. When you see people get off and on in arbitrary stops like Fawkner and Gowrie you realise how much life is going on in these outer suburbs.

Some places I spent a whole day or afternoon. Some places I spent maximum one hour and took maximum two photos. Some of the time I just wasn’t really inspired by anything I saw and most of the time I was trying to save money on film developing costs. In the end, I’m just happy to have done them all.

The words are my immediate reactions to the places and scrawled down as I sat on a park bench, in a food court or on the train home. Being relatively new to the city it was curiosity that led me which turned into  grim determination near the end.


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