Modern Society x F.Cooke

Handblown glass in the shape of a head.

Chunks of silvery eel, encased in cold translucent jelly, spooned from a vat.

Tactile golden crescent moons inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Steaming green parsley sauce called ‘liquor.’

Recycled glass tumblers in blue and green.

An East London institution, The Cooke family has been serving pie, mash, jellied and hot eels since 1862. There are plastic bottles of vinegar and homemade chilli oil on the tables and sawdust on the floor. I spent a very pleasant morning chatting to the woman behind the counter and drinking tea while taking photos of some beautiful items stocked at Modern Society.


Brands featured: Alighieri, Anissa Kermiche, La Soufflerie



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