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Most of my friends in London live in and around Hackney in the East and I fell in love with the vibrant multiculturalism, the council estates right next to cafes serving cold brew coffee. Beautiful parks filled with tiny portable bbqs, pubs serving antipodean craft beers with their mushy peas, and an astounding number of fried chicken shacks and delicious curry joints. For better or worse gentrification is seeping into this neighbourhood. But hopefully it’ll stop here. Liss is a costume and production designer for film and television in London, plus she is always creating wild outfits to wear at summer festivals across Europe, so her Hackney bedroom is overflowing with hats, wigs, scarves, sunglasses, fur, leather, paisley and sequins. While staying with her recently I coerced her into playing dress-ups with me on the streets of her neighbourhood. While she was initially hesitant, the shoot coincided with Lissy’s philosophy about clothing: Continue reading


A gang of three. Turtleneck and leather clad. Eyeliner flick. Black jeans, black coffee. Hip swivel and shimmy. Wild rides. Fast bikes. Best friends, Lovers.

48 hours from go to woah. We were given the genre Obsessive Relationship. I barely had a wink of sleep, our director had none. But our little gang of six made a film in one weekend.