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Photos of dancers again. I’ll never stop. Leaps and bounds in muted hues against pure bright field and sky. I forced Anna, Danni, Emma and Liv into these pastel leotards even though it bought back uncomfortable childhood ballet memories, sorry girls!
Makeup and hair by Dominique Whittaker, assisted by Lara Daly.
Shot on Pentax Spotmatic with Kodak Gold 400.

Girls Rock

Photographing Vera, Flora, Lara and Ella of Jail Bait couldn’t help but remind me of my erstwhile days in an all girls band in high school. We were called The Go Luckys and for one brief year we wore studded cuffs and handmade denim skirts to perform all over Nelson city at the Rockquest, summer skate comps, and poky little bars.
These girls have been friends for ever but formed the band about a year ago and are having the best time playing music together. They ain’t stopping anytime soon. Check out the story I wrote about them in the latest Capital magazine.


Nikita the Spooky and I met up recently in her Newtown flat to have a chat and take some photos for Capital magazine, out now. My word limit was too small and while I told of her menagerie of men and her circus feats, I couldn’t possibly cram in all of the tales and tidbits. So here’s some room for the spill over. We talked about the fact that she spent all the money she won in high school for best vocalist at Rock Quest on a pair of turtles. And also the fact that Newtown is her favourite suburb. Ever. We talked about the buzz she feels walking down the street because it’s our generation’s time. I marveled over her bountiful lemon tree and she danced for me in the weakened winter sun.


A gang of three. Turtleneck and leather clad. Eyeliner flick. Black jeans, black coffee. Hip swivel and shimmy. Wild rides. Fast bikes. Best friends, Lovers.

48 hours from go to woah. We were given the genre Obsessive Relationship. I barely had a wink of sleep, our director had none. But our little gang of six made a film in one weekend.